Mar 18, 2011

Some evil scientists got drunk one night, kidnapped two talented young illustrators, did some D.N.A splicing and dicing, some gene manipulation and hardcore surgery, and the result was Amitty Studios. This horribly deformed abomination had one thing on its twisted, unnatural mind, to currate exhibitions! Their first project is "All Aboard", an exhibition featuring works by some raw new tallent on skateboards. It is going to be held at Grumpy Green, 125 Smith Street
Fitzroy in April. Here is some progress shots of my piece.

This is my new space for the making of purrty pictures.

I got the munchies sorted.

Unfortunately there are these trees that keep sprouting, and they're basically taking over. I'm gonna have to replant them somewheres.

Feb 12, 2011

Howdy. Here is a piece I finished yesterday. There was a slight hiccup which set me back 2 - 3 hrs. I ended up having to redo the entire background. But I'm happy because it's my first finished piece since I moved into a studio. It's taken me a bit to get my arse into gear and make the most of my time there, but it's really good to have the space where I go strictly to draw and paint with no distractions.

I might even put up some pics of my studio in my next post?!?

Jan 15, 2011

Howdy. Here is my first post for 2011. Getting my aerosol on.

Sep 27, 2010

Gday. I came up with the title for this piece before I knew what I was doing. The title is 'Repulsive". And she is. Even though I painted this, I'm not sure if she's throwing up the worms or sucking on them.

Sep 6, 2010

Gday. For the Illustre show we are having a raffle, and the prizes are limited edition wine bottles. This is the design I did. Haven't tried the wine... yet.

Sep 1, 2010

Gday. This is a piece for an Illustrators Australia exhibition comming up soon. There will be a student section which I'm entering. The work is about a relative of mine, who was on the first fleet. He was arrested in England for being a bone thief. He would sell the body parts stolen from excuted prisoners to doctors for research. This exhibition will have some very talented illustrators in it, so it's a privlage to get to be a part of it. I had to redo this piece 4 times, and it became quite frustrating, but it was also satisfying to persevere and get it to a standard I was pleased with. Im looking forward to the show, and to see what everyones done.