Oct 16, 2009

Howdy. Here are a few of my totem entries from the Scribble Projects totem sheets. They represent the pecking order on this planet we call Earth. On the bottom are our animal brothers, represented by The Racoon King. In the middle are us, the animals called Man, represented by our afro friend. And on top, of course, are the mighty Reptillian Overlords, supreme rullers of our planet and universe! They are represented by he whose name cannot be pronounced by our mere mortal tounges. if you dont believe me, check out this link. Its all true, I swear.

Oct 14, 2009

Who eats whom?

Howdy. Anyone hungry? I know a few fellas and ladies who are...

Oct 13, 2009

Howdy. I found these along with my Illustration Friday pic. They are from last year. Every time I look at these two I see different images, its sort of like looking at clouds.

Illustration Friday - Flying

Howdy, I was looking through some work from last year, trying to find this piece. I thought that it would be suitable for this weeks Illustration Friday theme of "flying". I came across some other pieces that I thought I'd put up soon. This was one of the rare pieces that wern't penciled in first.

Oct 6, 2009

Howdy. Here is my piece entered into the k9 - Mad Dogs of Art show held at Per Square Metre. The show was put on by me and my fellow 1st year illustrators at NMIT. The idea was to use beuatiful line work to make something ugly. I fell that the piece does that, but what do you think?

"Hard Hitting" pencil rough

Howdy. This was a piece done at TAFE for a self promotion brief. The copy line was "hard hitting". The idea is the eye has been hit out of this lovely stripper rabbits oversized head. So to deal with the hard hitting pain, this miss has hit up her dealer for a hit of weed, plus she's hitting the booze. It will be done on a piece of hard hitting timber. Will it be a hit? Who knows

Oct 3, 2009

Blog Entry One - Illuistration Friday

Howdy. This is my first blog entry, as well as my first Illustration Friday entry. Two birds getting stoned! Alright. Oppy was the person who encouraged me to start a blog, so thank you Oppy. I should have waited for her to be here with me to help with links and all the technichal stuff, but thats cool, I'll just wing it. Here's the first upload, for Illustration Friday, the theme was "Germs".