Oct 16, 2009

Howdy. Here are a few of my totem entries from the Scribble Projects totem sheets. They represent the pecking order on this planet we call Earth. On the bottom are our animal brothers, represented by The Racoon King. In the middle are us, the animals called Man, represented by our afro friend. And on top, of course, are the mighty Reptillian Overlords, supreme rullers of our planet and universe! They are represented by he whose name cannot be pronounced by our mere mortal tounges. if you dont believe me, check out this link. Its all true, I swear.


  1. but i've been brainwashed into believing someone else is the supreme overload (hmmmm)

    killer totems!
    so nice to have friends with skills.

  2. Hey fellow student :P I was searching for the 'student illustration' tag and got here. Nice stuff!